Learn How to Draw for Pretty Cheap

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed drawing. Unfortunately, sometime around Jr. High I quit doing it on a regular basis, and as a result my skill at the craft was frozen for several decades.

Then, a couple months ago I decided to really make a serious effort at learning how to draw better. I Googled a few sites and found some YouTube videos, but I soon discovered that most free resources out there weren’t that great – at least they weren’t really what I was looking for.  Most free stuff seems to be a hodge-podge and I wanted something more structured, that would take you from the basics and the move from there.

So after a some more searching I stumbled across really good Udemy course called The Art and Science of Drawing.

It’s part one of a several or eight part series, and it’s well worth it – the guy really knows his stuff.  I’m three courses in and think it’s worth every penny.

Quick followup: Udemy has sales periodically but you typically don’t need to wait for those.  A quick Google search will normally yield coupon sites that can get you any Udemy course for $10.

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