How to Install WordPress on Windows Localhost

  1. Download and Install XAMPP
  2. Download a zip file of the latest version of WordPress
  3. Extract the files from the wordpress directory in the zip to the XAMPP document root (defaults to {install directory}\htdocs)
    Extract files from WordPress zip
  4. Download and install MySQL Workbench. This is used to easily create databases and view table data.
  5. Create a database using MySQL Workbench (Right click > Create Schema then fill in information below)
    Create a WordPress database using MySQL Workbench

  6. Browse to http://localhost
  7. After the language screen fill in the name of the database you created in step 5 as well as the user and password (which default to root and <nothing> for XAMPP)
  8. Continue with the install, filling in your site title, user name, password, and email.
  9. Congratulations, WordPress is now installed!

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