Easy fix for Thrustmaster T300 racing wheel centering problem

A few months ago my T300RS racing wheel started randomly losing centering calibration. I’d be driving fine in a game and all of a sudden I’d go veering way off the road unless I turned the wheel off-center and that would make the car go straight.  At that time, the only way to get things working properly again would be to unplug the wheel and plug it back in.  Of course, it would happen again within 10 minutes, which made the wheel borderline unusable.

I realized the behavior started occurring shortly after I upgraded to Firmware 34 so as an experiment, I downgraded to Firmware 33.  Sure enough, that fixed it.

To install the 33 Firmware:

  1. Download the Thrustmaster software package which includes the 33 Firmware from here
  2. Run the installer (may have to run 2x as it has to uninstall the old version of the software first)
  3. Go to {Windows Menu} > Thrustmaster FFB Racing Wheel > Firmware Update then click the OK button to load the firmware on your wheel.

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